Track Your Rewards Before Applying for Travel Credit Cards

Before you begin applying for travel credit cards that are offering lucrative travel rewards, you need to create accounts with the various airline and hotel chains who offer the miles/points. You have to do this so you can track what you earn and effectively manage the rewards.

For instance, before you start applying for an American Carriers (AA) Citi charge card, you have to make an American Aircrafts online record. You’ll keep the AA account open everlastingly, and it will be utilized to gather the majority of your AA miles (counting any future miles earned). What’s more, for the greater part of these organizations, you’ll really put your online record number on the related charge card application. This is the thing that ties the charge card (and rewards/miles/focuses) to your particular record. This empowers you to settle on Visa choices while as yet keeping up the prizes for later utilize.

After you make these records, record the username/secret word blends some place and spare it. You’ll most likely overlook some of these after some time.


The Frozen North Carriers

Airtran Aircrafts

American Aircrafts

English Aviation routes

Delta Aircrafts

Southwest Aircrafts

Joined Aircrafts

US Aviation routes

Virgin America


Club Carlson




IHG Rewards Club




It would be ideal if you take note of that this rundown is not convincing. There might be others that you run over and choose to apply for those honors. These are recently a large portion of the majors and ought to kick you off.

Keeping Focuses Alive

The reason making these records is so critical is that you can collect a lot of miles/focuses after some time. As I said over, these records are free of your Visas.

Consider it like this, the Mastercards give the miles or focuses, which are kept into your dedication accounts. You won’t keep all Mastercards open perpetually, so they reliability accounts permit you to keep up your prizes paying little heed to your choice to open, close, or keep up each Mastercard.

Most miles that are saved into your record will be useful for 18-24 months. You can expand the life of all focuses or miles by indicating action, such as making a buy, or recovering your prizes.

There is one special case that you have to get it. There are distinctive standards with focuses issued by banks, for example, American Express Enrollment Rewards, Pursue Extreme Prizes and Citi Thank You focuses. On the off chance that you scratch off your card that has an adjust of these focuses, you will relinquish them until the end of time.

Keeping in mind the end goal to keep that issue, you have 3 alternatives:

Utilize the focuses before you drop the card

Exchange to another card/account issued by a similar bank (normally another card you possess or a companion/relative).

Exchange to another record. (Most indicates can be exchanged different aircrafts/lodgings and kept for later utilize.)


Before you start accumulating a large number of miles to be utilized on your fantasy get-away, set aside some opportunity to set up the correct records and procedures.

You’ll express gratitude toward me later when you’re venturing to the far corners of the planet for alongside nothing.


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